The engagement of contractors and temporary workers creates a flexible workforce that can be easily scaled to meet resource peaks. James Lewis prides itself on being able to meet client demands with tailored contract recruitment solutions. Whether requirements centre around specialist, niche skills or high volume recruitment, James Lewis is able to supply skills to where they are needed most.

Contractors provide the perfect complement to your existing permanent workforce. Key benefits of contract recruitment include:

  • Flexibility – contractors are more versatile than permanent members of staff and can be hired for a specific project or period of time
  • Cost – use of a contract workforce can help to manage and reduce spend
  • Speed – We can supply temporary workers at short notice

James Lewis continuously engages with an active contractor population, building and evolving our candidate database to ensure we have access to the best talent on the market. Using a range of attraction methods, we can target specific skills and/or geographies, depending on the needs of the contract.